Let Us Help

Created for Data Viz Challenge “Visualize Your Taxes”

Let Us Help is a series of publicly installed posters which combine local (Atlanta, GA) data of profession, salary, and personal tax contribution with federal taxes breakdowns for 2010. The posters aim to localize federal taxes and satirically correlate data to foster questions about the validity of data visualization practices as much as highlight the paradoxes of federal allocations.

The images are printed and strategically hung as fliers in the famous Atlanta graffiti spot, the Krog Tunnel, and are visible to traffic stopped at the end of the tunnel.

As many data viz projects are situated within personal space (e.g. the computer screen), our project aims to make data public in public. Additionally, the gross generality of many such projects renders targeted data moot. Let Us Help specifically targets the people within the neighborhood where the posters are placed. The chosen space and location forces an interaction with the practices of data visualization within a non-traditional setting.