What is the gender of a robot?

People often associate gendered labels to objects regardless of the embodiment. In cinema, this is common for robots: the unsettling robotic apotheosis from “Metropolis” invokes breasts; CP3O relies on American/English-speaking concepts of effete masculinity; the curious Wall-E (nominally male) employs the wanderlust of arrested boyhood through his fetish collection. But what about the robots we see at work in our world today? Do these utilitarian robots have a gender? If so, why and what purpose does gendering have? These are the questions we will be exploring for a few months. Feel free to comment, contribute, and critique as we work.

One Comment on “What is the gender of a robot?”

  1. 1 Simon Ferrari said at 1:38 am on May 8th, 2011:

    It clearly has hips like woah and a neck like a vulture’s. Obviously a temporarily able-bodied, heterosexual, robot female.

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