T1 Issues Sketches

For our reiterated installation sketches, I chose to focus of how to create an event that is both activated and deactivated based on the number of people participating within the event. This would be an event that comes and goes within a space, and is ephemeral in nature based on the interactions it receives.  I based my sketches on the idea that the installation would be dormant until it is actively being interacted with.

I played with this idea within a couple different scenarios, my favorite being the last sketch. It consists of  a robotic bike sculpture, or sculptures, places around a semi-enclose space. The floor is marked with glow in the dark footprints which indicate where the activation points of the installation are located. There would be about 4 of these. When no one is standing on the points, nothing is projected, and the scene is dimly lit. As participants stand on the points, the sculpture is activated. Each point represents a single riders video and data within critical mass. The projections are shown in focus of the participant standing in the correct location, and the bike beings to move and make noise based on the activation of that position/rider within the mass. As more people stand on the pressure points, more projections are shown, and the data received by the sculpture becomes an average of all the data of the participating ‘riders’ of the mass. An alternate approach would be to have a single bike representation of each of the riders within the mass foro which we have data.

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